Pros: Nanny Had Stories of Baby's Fatal Injuries

Pros: Nanny Had Stories of Baby's Fatal Injuries

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Mar 8, 2013

We're learning more about a woman charged with abuse, in the death of a baby in her care.  Prosecutors charged Sarah Cullen in the death of four-month-old Cash Bell.  Police arrested her Thursday night.  Court documents show she told three different stories about how the boy was injured.

Authorities believe there was about a 2 hour window where the baby was severely injured.  Investigators are trying to figure out what transpired on February 28th.  That morning, 24-year-old Sarah Cullen, came to Bell's home.  His parents said he was acting normal when they left the child in Cullen’s care.  Four hours later, Cullen and her boyfriend took him to Methodist Women's Hospital, where doctors said he was suffering from internal head injuries including 2 skull fractures.  Bell was then transported to Children’s Hospital where he died on March 5th.

"The injuries were obvious up front,” said Douglas County Chief Deputy Marty Bilek. "The baby was initially brought to the hospital with serious injuries, and it succumbed to those injuries 4 days later.

Prosecutors charged Cullen with Child Abuse Resulting in Death, which is a Class 1 Felony.  It carries a minimum of 20 years in prison, and up to life in prison.

The complaint indicates Cullen told investigators 3 different stories of what happened.  She said cash hit his head on a door while she was carrying him, she then said he fell out of his baby swing, finally she said she fell down the stairs and dropped cash who hit his head on the tile floor.  Her attorney's confident in her innocence.

"She's devastated,” said Joe Howard, Cullen’s attorney. "I'm hoping to people don't jump to judgment.  Horrible things happen and sometimes it's not anyone's fault or it's an accident, but we're here to get to the bottom of it."

Authorities say Cullen ignored symptoms of the injury and didn't call 911; instead she called her boyfriend for help.  Doctors indicate none of Cullen's stories would be enough to cause these serious injuries to a boy not even 5-months-old.

Prosecutors asked for a $250,000 bond because they say she didn't initially turn herself in.  Judge Darryl Lowe set bond at $50,000 because she has no criminal history.

Authorities say Cullen was hired through an online nanny service, and is pregnant with her second child.  Bell’s parents couldn’t be reached; other family members didn’t want to comment.