Falling Basketball Hoop Injures Four People

Falling Basketball Hoop Injures Four People

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Mar 3, 2013

Weeping Water, NE - Witnesses say they were watching a wrestling tournament when a wire snapped and the basketball hoop fell on Sunday. Witnesses say the hoop was still attached to the ceiling, but when it crashed into a lowered position it hit four people in the bleachers, injuring them. Mike Richards says, "I thought it was a gunshot at first but the you look over and it was the basketball hoop that just crashed."

Spectators rushed to the injured, trying to heave the heavy goal back up as far as they could.  Sloan Mozena helped secure the backboard while others took care of the injured. Mozena says, "At first I said I was in shock.  I didn't know what to do and then I ran over and started helping pull people down making sure the EMTs had a clear lane to get through and help everything."

The Weeping Water Public Schools Superintendent would not say how serious the injuries are. He said the schools inspect the hoops, but he wouldn't say when this one was last inspected. 

The wrestling tournament was cancelled after the incident.