Fish Frys Bring in Funds for Churches in Omaha

Fish Frys Bring in Funds for Churches in Omaha

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Feb 15, 2013

The cooks in this kitchen fry it up and serve it hot.

"Mac and cheese, clam chowder, baked potatoes."

Fish frys across Omaha pack in the people, even here at Holy Ghost church.

"I think the people that come are excited, they really enjoy the fish fry's it's one of the best in town."
Their reputation is spot on.
The line is out the door by 3:30 in the afternoon. A good sign for Holy Ghost as the parish has been struggling.
"This is kind of a tight year, I mean we're going through some issues this year because of the school closing and other things that had come up."
For the parish of about 800 families this time of the year gives Holy Ghost a chance to raise much needed funds.
"This is basically a way for us to attempt to re-coop some of the funds that we're losing."
Only, this isn't the only place for a fish fry on Friday's. Holy Ghost is competing with dozens of churches across Omaha that could take away donations.
Father Greg Benkowski doesn't think so.
"I think there's a separate clientele. Holy Name's on the north side, they have a certain reputation on the south side this would be, of its own."
For the last 20 years Tony Widhalm has served up fried cod to thousands of people.
He says Holy Ghost fish fry gets bigger every year. Although he doesn't like to toot his own horn, he says they've got the best fish in town.