Heineman Moves Forward on Lt. Gov. Search

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Heineman Moves Forward on Lt. Gov. Search

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Feb 4, 2013

Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy resigns amid a scandal he had contacted women late night with his state issued cell phone.  Governor Heineman faced a lot of critical questions as he starts the new search on Monday.  Gov. Heineman says it will be a few weeks before he's really able to find a replacement for Rick Sheehy.  Sheehy resigned over thousands of phone calls to multiple women on a cell phone paid for by tax payers.

"As elected officials we're held to a higher standard and rightfully so.  He's resigned, I’m now moving forward," Gov. Heineman explained. "People expect when we're serving in these positions we shouldn't misuse public resources."

Heineman says he won't appoint a new Lieutenant Governor who wants to use the position to run for Governor in 2014.  Part of the Lieutenant Governor's responsibilities are being the State Director of Homeland Security, and presiding over the Unicameral.

“I'm expecting the person to fulfill the office of lieutenant governor in a very vigorous manor," Heineman described.

The one place Governor Heineman won't find a replacement is in the halls of the capitol.  State law says when in session no sitting senator can be appointed to state office.  Heineman doesn’t expect Sheehy to continue in the 2014 race for his job, though no official announcement has been made.

"I think the primary on both sides will be very competitive and that will be very good news for the people of Nebraska, and let them make the choice," Heineman added.

Governor Heineman says right now he's focusing on tax reform then he'll give more thought to who should be the next Lieutenant Governor.  He says he'll definitely have one before the legislative session ends.