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OPS Board Members Contemplate Re-Election

OPS Board Members Contemplate Re-Election

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Feb 1, 2013

 Omaha, NE - A new school board election could cost a pretty penny. Nancy Kratky should know. She's served on the Omaha Public School Board for 18-years and won elections five times. Kratky told Action 3 News if the "Lautenbaugh Bill" passes, she isn't sure she'll run again. The bill would reduce the board from 12 to nine seats. Jennifer Tompkins Kirshenbaum has only served four weeks and faces the daunting task of running again.

Kirshenbaum says, "It was eight months of campaigning ... A lot of people helped me. A lot of volunteers. People gave money." 

Kirshenbaum says the money was spent to get her message to about nineteen thousand registered voters. It would balloon to thirty-six thousand if the lines are redrawn. Translation: An expensive campaign. Kirshenbaum says, "The cost of postage. The cost of mailers surprised me. How much money it took."
Kratky told Action 3 News the most expensive campaign she's every run, cost eleven thousand dollars. Kratky supports the plan to reduce the board size - in fact, she testified in favor at a public hearing. Kirshenbaum does not support the bill. A second vote comes next week.