First on 3: Sarpy Co. Burned Body Identified

First on 3: Sarpy Co. Burned Body Identified

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Jan 15, 2013

KMTV has uncovered new details in a Sarpy County murder.  Sheriffs have now identified the man whose body was discovered months ago, in a burning field.  Court records indicate the body found is 31-year-old Jose Quintero of Phoenix, AZ.


Almost 4 months ago, Quintero's body was found in a burning field about 100 yards from Highway 6 near Linoma Beach in Sarpy County the morning of September 24, 2012.  Investigators say he was bound, killed, and then set on fire.


Authorities believe two suspects were transporting Quintero’s body, while a third or more were waiting near the crime scene.  Investigators are searching through phone calls, text messages, and cell activity from a cell tower from September 23rd at 8pm through Sept. 24th at 10am.  They believe that will help them locate the people responsible for this murder.  The tower is at the KOA Campground about 3 miles from the crime scene.


Doctor Robin Gandhi, an Assistant Professor with the Information Science & Technology Department at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, says cell towers can reveal exact locations of people in range.  An informant told authorities there was multiple cellular communications between the suspects in this murder, which may make it easier to track them down.


"This is a great goldmine for evidence for police,” Gandhi explained.  "Not only pinpointing location at a time, but activity throughout the day.  I think that give a lot of context, a lot of information to police."


The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office hasn't revealed any more information about the background of Quintero.  There haven't been any arrests for this murder.