UPDATE: Boil Water Advisory Issued In Council Bluffs

UPDATE: Boil Water Advisory Issued In Council Bluffs

By Julie Hawkins. CREATED Jan 9, 2013

Council Bluffs, IA - A boil water advisory has been issued across the entire city of Council Bluffs after a major water main break at Avenue E and 9th Avenue.

A Council Bluffs Water Works spokesman says the boil advisory could remain in effect until noon Thursday.

About three million gallons of water rushed out when the main collapsed, causing a drop in water pressure. That does not necessarily mean the water has been contaminated, but does mean that bacteria could get into the water.  "There is a small possibility that there could have been contamination enter into the water mains and we want to take these precautionary measures until we are 100 percent certain that the water is safe," said Water Works Director Doug Drummey.

Under the boil water advisory, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that water be brought to a rolling boil for one minute before it is consumed in order to kill protozoa, bacteria and viruses. The Council Bluff Water Works will be taking water samples throughout the City to verify the safety of the water and lift the advisory as soon as possible.

Council Bluffs schools changed lunch menus today to avoid using water in the cafeterias.  Grocery stores ordered more bottled water this morning for customers who need it.

ConAgra has cancelled operations at the Council Bluffs plant until the third shift on Thursday due to the water main break.  The company expects to return to normal operations Friday.

For more information and water safety information, go to http://www.councilbluffs-ia.gov/index.aspx?nid=325