City Won't Put Hay Bales at the Bottom of Memorial Park Hill

City Won't Put Hay Bales at the Bottom of Memorial Park Hill

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jan 2, 2013

Sled at your own risk, a word of caution to all who fly down this icy slope. 

"It really has turned that hill into almost like a toboggan run. A luge run, I mean it's fast."

Sledding conditions on Memorial Park's epic hill have some parents on edge. Especially after Sunday's accident.

"It makes me a little bit nervous to watch the kids doing silly things."
Witnesses saw a girl coming down the hill backwards, fly right off the edge and into a frozen creek.

She hit her head coming down from the five foot drop.
"For us to be able to put up hay bales all across the city, it's impossible."
Some parents want hay bales at the bottom of the hill to stop sledders from getting hurt.
"I think it'd be smart to put the hay down by the creek so if somebody does get hurt here's a little bit of cushion and not going to hit a rock or something down there ."
The city says they've tried it before.
"We've had the hay bales pushed in the creek, and we can't get them out of the creek. We've had hay bales turned into ramps. You can't stake the hay bales down with stakes because then somebody can run into them."
Parks and Rec Director Brook Bench says safety is a big concern but there are hundreds of hills across Omaha.
"I've already told my kids and them to if they feel like they're gonna go off the edge to jump off the sled let the sled go down and we'll come get it or walk down into the creek and get it. But I don't want them to get hurt."