Omaha Church Prays for Families & Victims of Newtown Shooting

Omaha Church Prays for Families & Victims of Newtown Shooting

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Dec 16, 2012

During Sunday mass at St. Leo's Church in Omaha, the mood felt somber.

"We were going to skip today because we weren't feeling well but specifically came today because of the shootings and needed to be with our church family and pray."

Brenda Funk and her two young boys, and hundreds more came to pray for the families and the victims of the Connecticut shooting.

Many carried heavy hearts and overwhelmed with sorrow turned to Pastor Harry Buse for comfort.
"I think joy is a very appropriate message in light of the current events, because we ask people to retain their joy even in the face of great sorrow in life."

His message to all parents, children and families: have faith and hope.
"I was wrapping presents last night and just thinking about the families that have presents for their children that are no longer with us."

"Just wanted to go home, hug the kids. It was a good connection between the Von Maur shooting and what happened on Friday, it was very fitting.

Friday's shooting hit home for many in Omaha. Five years ago this December a shooter opened fire at the Von Maur in Westroads.

Scarred and still healing the community knows this tragic event will be tough to overcome for Newtown.

But Omaha will be there, every step of the way.

"This is a very family oriented community and I think especially during this time since we went through this 5 years ago that everyone here is praying for those families."