Council Approves Towing on Snow Routes

Council Approves Towing on Snow Routes

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Dec 4, 2012

Tuesday, the Omaha City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to tow illegally parked vehicles during a snow storm.  But it may not be as bad as you think.

The Omaha Public Works Department spoke on what that means for enforcement, and those who park on the streets.  City officials said that vehicles blocking a snow route in a neighborhood will likely be towed about 1/2 block away from where it was or within the sight of where the vehicle was originally parked. 

They say if a car has been abandoned it will be taken to the city's impound lot.  Public works officials will make decisions on who will be towed based on timeliness and other factors.  The approval of the ordinance puts these rules in writing.

One city councilman said that being towed near where you were parked is much better then having to pay $150-300 to get a vehicle out of an impound lot.  The Omaha Public Works Department says that they will keep a log of where all vehicles are towed.  Citizens should call 402-444-1919 to find out where their vehicle was moved.