Former Gretna City Administrator Sentenced

Former Gretna City Administrator Sentenced

By Julie Hawkins. CREATED Dec 3, 2012

Sarpy County, NE - Former Gretna City Administrator Colleen Lawry will spend the next six months in jail for stealing from a senior citizen fund and charging the city for the cost of her education.  

Prosecutors charged Lawry for using nearly $1,000 from the city's senior fund at Walmart, Victoria's Secret, and a liquor store.  The money was a donation to be used for meals for seniors. Lawry told officials she mistakenly used the debit card for her own purchases, but has repaid it. 

She also charged the city for the cost of her master's degree. The judge ruled she'll serve a 90 day concurrent jail sentence for that.

Her sentence also includes a fine and community service.

Lawry is charged with an unrelated crime. Former Bellevue Police Chief John Stacey is accused of giving a gun to Lawry even though she didn't have the state certificate to have the gun. Both were charged with misdemeanors in that incident. Lawry has a hearing regarding that alleged crime in January.