Shenandoah Community Heartbroken for Buttry Family

Shenandoah Community Heartbroken for Buttry Family

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Nov 14, 2012

The streets of Shenandoah are quiet...

"He's the fourth one in the area that's passed away in the last 4 years, so it's, it's somber."

The small Iowa town is going through heartbreak; one of its own will be laid to rest.

"It'll leave a big hole in the community."

19 year old Pfc. Brandon Buttry was killed last week in Afghanistan.

Adopted into a well-known family he became one of 13 kids, home schooled with dreams of becoming a soldier.

News of his death jolted the entire community, for feelings here, run deep.

"Hundreds of American flags drape the streets and sidewalks of Shenandoah. They've been put up by community members, and they represent support for the Buttry family."

"We support him, we support his family, I mean that's one thing about Shenandoah is they support everybody."

Flowers and pictures and words of comfort are now on display.

"We'll come together in in crisis and all people care about each other and there for anyone in need. Shenandoah's known for that."

Surrounded by Patriot Guard riders, one by one people arrive at First Baptist Church.

Some close friends, some strangers and some, unexpected.

"This family adopted him and gave him a life that my sister couldn't give him."

Given up at the age of three, tonight, Brandon's birth aunt spoke with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart.

"We always thought there'd be more time you know to say goodbyes and I'm sorry's and I love you's and just kind of explained what happened and you know hope that maybe some day he would let us in his life in some way shape or form and that never got to happen."

But what all of Shenandoah does know, is Pfc. Buttry died doing what he loved, serving his country.