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Exhibit Honors Local Fallen Soldiers

Exhibit Honors Local Fallen Soldiers

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Nov 11, 2012

 They're a quick glimpse of a life, soldiers who gave so much for freedom. Chuck Lee says, "It's almost like they're there looking at us going honor this day, honor veterans and don't forget about us.'" Chuck Lee is a veteran. He knows all about war and life changing loss. A young soldier his family knew - killed by a roadside bomb. That soldier was just 21.

Lee says, "It hit home to all of us because we're like, it can't be out of sight and out of mind for us."  Notes of encouragement are posted on some pictures. Letters spell out just how a soldier changed lives and changed the way those left behind now live.

Larry Cahill says, "He served 14 years, before his life was taken." Cahill's son joel was taken seven years ago when an IED exploded near his vehicle. Joel was the only one that died in that attack. His picture along with others are a reminder of the price for freedom. Cahill says, "Every day is Memorial Day and every day is Veteran's Day. We  don't wrap it up tight for one day, the 11th. We live it day by day by day."