Siena Francis House Honors Homeless Veterans

Siena Francis House Honors Homeless Veterans

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Nov 11, 2012

Decorated in red, white and blue the Siena Francis House is giving thanks.

"It's an honor, it really is an honor to serve our country."

To veterans who fought for our freedom and many that don't have a place to call home.

Derek Neely joined the army after September 11, 2001. He served in Iraq for two years. Now he moves from city to city, without a permanent home.

Being honored along with his fellow veterans, makes him feel grateful.
"We risked our lives, you know for this country, so you know it's awesome."

Giving good, gifts and thanks to some heroes who feel forgotten, the operators of the shelter are showing their appreciation.

"We're making this a very special day in order to honor them and to let them know that they're not forgotten and they're recognized by our shelter, by our agency and by the city of Omaha."

Active soldiers volunteered their time, reaching out to help the men and women who have served before them.

"Helping out those who've been there before me, and just knowing what they've been through and knowing they don't have, that they aren't more fortunate so I came out and helped, try to give."

To give honor to all of our heroes, this Veterans Day.