Kerrey Calls For Another Debate

Kerrey Calls For Another Debate

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Oct 29, 2012

Omaha - There was a strange turn of events at a Bob Kerrey news conference Monday afternoon.  The Democrat candidate presented a challenge to Republican Deb Fischer, but if he thought the conference would wrap up when he did he was wrong.


Former U.S. Senator and Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey is calling for one more debate with State Senator Deb Fischer.  Kerrey wants to discuss national security, and that he's willing to make time.


"Anytime any place, the more people that could watch it the better,” Kerrey explained. "The only thing that I'm doing is campaigning, the only thing that she's doing is campaigning so how hard is it arrange an intersection of our schedules? Not hard."

The opponents have already debated three times.


The Nebraska Republican Party Chairman, Mark Fahleson, watched patiently as Kerrey posed the challenge.  Once Kerrey finished he made his own presentation.  Fahleson asked Kerrey to sign a “Principle Pledge”.  Kerrey called it desperate.  Fahleson says it would show Kerrey opposes the failures of President Obama.


“Why should she in the last week, when she has a 16 point lead, somehow cave into this last minutes campaign tactic like this,” Fahleson described. “If Bob Kerrey refuses to accept these principles as being right for Nebraska, there's nothing left to debate."


Except maybe the projections.  Fischer and republicans claim they have a 16 point lead, while the Omaha World Herald's poll released Sunday shows a 3 point gap.


“From my contact with voters it's primarily a consequence of their in some cases remembering the experiences I’ve had," Kerrey added.


"If you look over the course of the accuracy polls, the public opinion strategies, the Fischer pollster is a far more accurate pollster and we believe that the race is about 16 points."


Deb Fischer’s campaign spokesperson told KMTV, "While liberal Bob Kerrey slings mud and holds press conferences, he's certainly not highlighting his support for Obamacare and his strong opposition to a balanced budget amendment.  Senator Fischer is currently traveling to two-dozen towns and cities on her ‘Nebraska Way’ tour to meet with Nebraskans face-to-face and discuss the issues that matter to them. She is going to keep that commitment. While Bob Kerrey flagrantly broke his promise to Chuck Hassebrook to stay out of the Senate race, Deb Fischer actually keeps her promises to Nebraskans."