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Thirteen People Shot in Ten Days

Thirteen People Shot in Ten Days

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Oct 22, 2012

The recent spike in shootings has some people scared for their lives. 


Since October 12th, there have been 13 people shot.  Three of those people were killed.  Of the 13 victims, six of them were teenagers.  The shootings have been concentrated in the OPD’s northeast precinct area over the last 10 days.


State Senator Brenda Council says it's an uphill battle getting these weapons out of the community.


Miesha Adams, whose mother was shot multiple times on October 15th, says she doesn't feel safe at all.


"They can only do so much but with these shootings and these killings and shootings they should be on that more than anything else.  Instead of pulling people over for traffic tickets, you should be concentrating on all these young kids out here that are getting killed and shot up," Clark described.


Police have not notified Action 3 News that any arrests have been made.


Recently the City of Omaha and the Omaha Police Department announced that they are implementing a large scale plan that includes rewards for illegal guns, increasing work programs, and increasing community involvement.