Dems File Complaint Against Fischer

Dems File Complaint Against Fischer

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Oct 9, 2012

One month before the election, the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission will look into allegations against a US Senate candidate.


The Nebraska Democrats claim State Senator Deb Fischer wasn't telling people about a conflict of interest when she proposed a state law.  The Nebraska democrats want the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission to investigate the possible violation.


They say Deb Fischer proposed a bill that more or less would stop the state from buying the Snake Falls Ranch in Cherry County and using it for public fishing, camping, and other recreational use.  Fischer owns property next to the land, and tried to buy it before.  They say a sale could have changed her property value.


Patricia Zieg with the Nebraska Democratic Party said, "I think it demonstrates an inability to exercise good judgment to in my own personal self interest and what is in the interest in the community."


The Nebraska Democrats say Republican Deb Fischer tried to acquire her neighbors' land several times over a number of years.  Opponent Bob Kerrey says he didn't know enough about the complaint yet, but did know Fischer's neighbors, the Kime family.  He says he doesn't understand how Fischer could try to claim their land, then try to buy it, and then sue them.

"Senator Fischer says that this is a routine border dispute but I don't think so.  I've just never heard of it before, somebody gives you access and an opportunity to use their property and then you bring a lawsuit against them in order to seize that property that doesn't seem to me to be a Nebraska value," Kerrey explained.

Daniel Keylin, Deb Fischer's spokesman told Action 3 News, "With Nebraska facing one of the worst droughts in recent memory, it’s shameful that the Democrats would attack Deb Fischer for successfully passing a bipartisan water conservation bill that helps fund the Platte River Recovery Program and protects the environment.


The Democrats are desperately resorting to blatantly frivolous accusations and outrageous character smears because they can't win on the issues and know Nebraskans strongly disapprove of Bob Kerrey's support for Obama's liberal polices like government-run healthcare and tax hikes on the middle-class."