Huskers Get Big Win in New Uniform

Huskers Get Big Win in New Uniform

By Adam Racusin. CREATED Sep 29, 2012

Lincoln, NE - On Saturday the chants were the same and the fans the same, but if you looked on the filed there was one noticeable difference.

Instead of the traditional red and white, it was black and red.

"Everybody has their own opinion, but I kind of like the new uniform," said husker fan Alan Phroper.

For the first and only time this season the Huskers alternate uniform was in play.

"I think it would be cool if they did it every year for the Wisconsin Nebraska game," said Jacob Vouge.

It was true rivalry colors for a match up set to shake up the Big 10.

While the action was on the field, outside of Memorial Stadium the new take on Husker tradition was selling like hotcakes.

"I like it because it's the first actual conference game, and I like them because it is something different," said husker fan Ayden Albright.

The Huskers used the new look to pull off a 30-27 win.