County Attorney: Woman Lied About Being Victim Of Hate Crime

County Attorney: Woman Lied About Being Victim Of Hate Crime

By Kathy Niver. CREATED Aug 21, 2012

Lincoln, NE - An arrest warrant has been issued for the woman who claimed she was the victim of a brutal hate crime last month.

Lancaster County Attorney Joe Kelly tells KMTV Action 3 News an arrest warrant has been issued for 33-year-old Charlie Rogers for lying to police.

Rogers claimed three masked men broke into her apartment, tied her up, carved anti-gay slurs on her body. She said they then tried to set the apartment on fire.

An affidavit signed by investigators was filed in county court Tuesday morning. Among the inconsistencies police found:

*The bedspread showed no signs of struggle, even though Rogers said the men pulled off her clothing while she was on the bed. The UNMC forensic DNA laboratory found no traces of blood.

*She said they used zip ties to bind her hands and feet. A receipt from ACE Hardware shows Rogers bought a pair of knit gloves, zip ties, knife snap blades and a red utility knife five days before she said she was attacked.

*A forensic pathologist said the cuts on Rogers' body were self-inflicted, or done "with her acquiescence." He found the cuts were "superficial and symmetrical, avoided sensitive areas of the body, appear they would have taken considerable time to do and are accessible to the victim." He also didn't find any bruising.

*Rogers deleted all text messages the evening before July 22nd.

Thousands of people in Lincoln and Omaha attended vigils and attended fundraisers to help Rogers after the alleged attack.

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Reported by Kathy Sarantos Niver,