An Omaha Mother Pleads For An End To Daughter's Bullying

An Omaha Mother Pleads For An End To Daughter's Bullying

By Sarah Te Slaa. CREATED Apr 20, 2012

Omaha, NE-  Worried for her daughter, an Omaha mother is desperate to stop a school bully.

"She's scared to go to school and she's scared to be there," says Denise, who wishes to be identified only by her first name as she fears for her daughter's safety.

Denise says her 13 year-old daughter is bullied by another 13 year-old girl everyday at school.  She says the bullying is both verbal and physical.

"A couple of weeks ago, she came home with bruises on her arm and we've talked about it and we've called the school," says Denise.

The school resource officer filed a police report after Denise reported the problem to the school counselor.

The police report shows the officer interviewed the girl and saw "bruises on her upper arm."  The teen told police the girl "bullies her very frequently" and she got the bruises when the other girl "grabbed her" and "pushed her into a locker."

"I'm afraid to send her to school sometimes because of how bad it's getting," says Denise.

Omaha Police say it doesn't happen often, but they will step in when bullying crosses the line.

"If there has been an assault or serious threats, that might be a point where it would be criminal," says Lt. Darci Tierney with the Omaha Police Department.

"When they [police] get involved, it's usually at a point that they need to be," says Dr. Patricia Newman, a clinical child psychologist.

Newman started RESPECT, which is an anti-bullying group that gives presentations to parents, schools, and teachers about bullying through theater.  She says parents should turn to police when bullying gets physical.

"You know your child and you know the situation better than anyone else and we have to, I believe, go with our own gut feeling to do what it takes to protect our children," says Newman.

Denise hopes the bullying will stop before it's too late.

"It's come to where my daughter is where she is not handling it," says Denise.
The principal of the school where the two teens attend couldn't speak on specifics of the case, but said they are aware of the situation.

The principal says the Omaha Public School District has a strict bullying policy and students are disciplined for bullying behaviors.