Omaha Police, City Prosecutor Warn of Ticket Scalping

Omaha Police, City Prosecutor Warn of Ticket Scalping

By Paul Gutierrez. CREATED Mar 13, 2012

Omaha, NE - Tickets are still available for this weekend's slate of tournament games, but come Friday it could be a different story and you might turn to scalpers.  It's legal here, but before you go on theat spending spree there's something you should know.

"You can sell for more than face value anywhere except within a half mile of the CenturyLink Center," said City Prosecutor Martin Conboy.

Conboy warns purchasing from scalpers also brings risks.  One ticket gets you into one session of two games.  Once it's scanned, however, it's no good and you might have a hard time telling if it's been used.

"At that point you're denied admission, you're out of money and there's no recourse whatsoever," said Conboy.

"We will have officers out enforcing scalping laws similar to other events like the College World Series," added Lt. Darci Tierney of the Omaha Police Department.

The first batch of games begin March 16th at the CenturyLink Center.