Want a Ticket to NCAA Tournament? Better Buy Now

Want a Ticket to NCAA Tournament? Better Buy Now

By Liz Dorland. CREATED Mar 9, 2012

Omaha, NE -- March Madness will come storming into Omaha next week. The last time Creighton hosted games in the NCAA tournament in Omaha was back in 2008.  It gave the school a chance to improve how they handled many things.  Now Creighton says, Omaha's ready to dance.

All eyes are on the Bluejays as they host two rounds of the NCAA games.  Tournament Manager for Creighton, Kevin Sarver said it's not an easy task. Teams of people have studied the 400 page NCAA manual.  Sarver explained just how many things the manual covers.  He said, "How many chairs are at a table. What color the skirting is. The back of the house. The front of the house.  Off site practice location.  The band, mascot, spirit squad team and hotel stuff."

In a matter of days thousands of basketball fans from across the country are expected to flood into the city, people who are ready to cheer their teams to a victory.  "The NCAA Tournament is like the Super Bowl and I don't know like the Daytona 500 or a National Championship game. To be a part of it is a tremendous accomplishment," said Sarver.

Omaha is one of the few cities to host a game that is sold out.  There are only a few tickets to be had.  Red Zone Tickets suggests anyone wanting to go needs to buy now. So how much will it cost you to go?  A ticket to Friday's noon game will run you about $83.  Friday night's match is about $105 for a seat.  A pass to the final game on Sunday Night will set you back $120 per ticket.

Brett Franksmann warns the price is expected to change Sunday. Franksmann said, "If KU and Missouri make it like it's expected to be, that could be a really hot ticket and the price could go way up."

With the big game in Omaha, it's expected that thousands fans will be from our own backyard.  "Just expect it to be 'March Madness' just like the title, cause it's only the second time in Omaha so just expect the rush to be huge. Expect it to be a fun week," added Franksmann.

Sunday's the big night for all teams including the Jays, they'll find out who they face off with and where they're going.  Watch the big Selection Show on your Action 3 News station beginning at 5. 

Reported By: Liz Dorland, ldorland@action3news.com