Massive Fire Leaves Community in Shock

Massive Fire Leaves Community in Shock

By Paul Gutierrez. CREATED Feb 11, 2012

Omaha, NE - A massive fire Friday night at the Foxboro Apartments near 156th and Adams Street has left an entire community in complete shock.

"The flames were just shooting out of one of the buildings around the second and third floor," described resident Erik Wolton.

Shortly before 10:00 P.M. Friday, more than two dozen people who call Foxboro home got out with only the clothes on their backs.  It didn't help that the bitter cold weather was a dangerous situation for both residents and firefighters, either.

"One guy slipped and fell on the ice out here," said Wolton.

Today, the building that burned stands in ruins.  From the outside, the charred remains is a clear indicator of how bad the fire really was.

"Just looking at it you know the third floor is probably done.  The whole building is toast."

On a positive note, however, residents take at least some comfort knowing nobody was seriously hurt.

"I'm sure the inside is gutted, but that can be rebuilt.  People are harder to replace."

As of Saturday afternoon, there's still no word yet as to what caused the fire.  The apartment complex is now housing the fire victims in vacant apartments.