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Genes Help People Determine the Right Diet

Genes Help People Determine the Right Diet

By Deanne Brink. CREATED Feb 10, 2012

OMAHA, Neb. - You work out, you diet, but you're not getting the results you want. When it comes to getting fit and looking better. It could be because of what's in your genes.

Now, a new scientific way is helping some people find their perfect way to get fit.

Heavy weights, running, yoga, so many choices! "I can get it off its keeping it off that's the hardest part," says Judy Manly. Maybe its because she'd doing the 'wrong' workout?

We're all familiar with people who seem to eat anything they like and stay slim and one scientist says a simple dna test ...can now find "your" body's workout code, the way you burn fat and how its differently than your friends.

"It turns out our genes have been the wild card all along," says Dr. Ruth Debusk.  Debusk is a Geneticist and a big fan of DNA testing for your specific workout and your diet.

It all starts with a kit you can buy yourself...but it isn't cheap...170 bucks! You swab your cheek, pack up your sample, and wait for a detailed report of what's called your diet genotype.

"If i could get under 150, I would be happy," Amy Kastis, who took the test, said. She got her 'diet identity' telling her to switch to low carbs and her exercise identity saying walking is not her best choice.

So she changed both! "Once I took the test, I actually improved on that and went down to 138." Fast results, but a quick search online finds a lot of scientists like Dr. Bruce Buehler, also a Geneticist at the Univ. Nebraska Medical Center, are not convinced. "The problem with gene testing is unless you are looking for a disease, all you are testing for is possibilities."

He says these at home kits, only check a handful of the more than 30 thousand genes in your body. "These genes tend to lead toward this or that, then its environment and then its all the other genes who interact," Buehler added.

"This is information that is not available by any other means," Dr. Ken Kornman, who works for the testing company responds. He says focusing on a few key genes can tell you plenty about your metabolism.

Amy only knows it worked for her, "And, I did it in less than three and a half months which is amazing to me because the weight just fell off."

So should some runner switch to kickboxing? Cyclists turn to yoga? Is it high protein or low fat for you? Answers some scientists claim they can now answer with a little swab of your cheek.

While this is relatively new science, followers of DNA programs say your genes determine how your body stores fat and how it metabolizes food. Once you know that you can work to maximize results.