"Right to Shoot" Bill Has Residents Divided

"Right to Shoot" Bill Has Residents Divided

By Kandiss Crone. CREATED Feb 9, 2012


Council Bluffs, IA - Western fans go to YouTube to see a good shootout. Fears though, you might see scenes like the one from High Noon play out in real life, on your street. Why? It's a bill in the Iowa state house dubbed "Stand Your Ground." Council Bluffs Representative Mark Brandenburg thinks you should be able to shoot anyone who threatens you anywhere.

"You need to be able to fight back. You need to be able to protect yourself," a Council Bluffs resident said.

Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber says the bill is a bad idea because it would put innocent bystanders in harms way. "We don't live in the Wild West anymore. The shootouts that we now have are gang members shooting against other gang members and the victims are frequently not the gang members," Matt Wilber said.

Right now, Iowans can use force to protect themselves and others in their home or at work. Some are worried.

"I believe it would lead to a lot of vigilantes and a lot of free spirits going out there trying to protect themselves, interpreting the law the wrong way and taking it overboard, it necessarily wouldn't be a good thing," a resident said.

"You have to have common sense and responsibility with any of this. But you're gonna defend your family one way or the other," Toby Blankenship said.

Those we talked with hope that if "Stand Your Ground" passes the shootout scenes will stay on the big screen.