Questions Surround Westside Candidate And Early Retirement

Questions Surround Westside Candidate And Early Retirement

By Liz Dorland. CREATED Feb 8, 2012

Omaha, NE -- Action 3 News is learning more on the new superintendent that Westside School District wants to hire.  Dr. Blane McCann currently works in Wisconsin for Shorewood School District.  The 54-year old tells Action 3 News he's applied for early retirement.   Action 3 News' Liz Dorland dug deeper and discovered there may be more to the story behind his departure.  

A four page document details McCann's early retirement agreement with the district.  At a minimum, Dr. McCann will walk away with a 41-thousand dollar payout, pay for unused vacation days and health  insurance.   McCann also agrees to "not apply for employment with the district at any time in the future" and he waives "any right to be employed by the district at any time in the future".

Shorewood School Board President Paul Zovic told Dorland McCann and the board were "going in different directions".  

Dr. McCann toured Sunset Hills Elementary Tuesday afternoon.  Dorland asked him, "We've heard there might have been some conflict internally or some opposing views between you and the school board?"

McCann said, "Oh I don't know about that. I think sometimes people kind of go in a different direction, a different vision, but I think for the most part we were at alignment and as I said I think this was a good time for me to look for other opportunites in the field of education."

The opportunity at District 66 will pay him $185-thousand dollars a year.   When Dorland asked the district about possible problems with McCann in his current job they released this statement: 
            "A question about his departure from his current position arose during the

             interview process. The Board followed up on that question and felt it was
             resolved satisfactorily." - Westside Community Schools
                                                 Board of Education

Reported By: Liz Dorland,