Digital Death

Digital Death

By Craig Nigrelli. CREATED Feb 7, 2012

Omaha, NE - Just about everybody is on social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace. But what happens when you die?

Facebook User Alicia Heiserer says her friend Jerry died more than a year ago but his image still appeared in the "suggested friends" section of Facebook.  His profile was still active.  Heiserer said, "It's a reminder that he's gone. It's upsetting."   Heiserer also lost her sister-in-law two years ago.  She's been trying to take down the profile but without a user name and password, it's nearly impossible, "for most of us social media is just so new that we don't think about it. "

Here in Nebraska, the legislature is now considering a bill that would deal with digital death. More specifically what rights a designated relative or friend would have in case you die. Omaha attorney Bill Lindsay told Action 3 News you can take action and take control of your profile while you're still alive " you have to make sure you have a list of passwords, that list of passwords should be kept in some fashion that is safe. "

He says make sure somebody you are close to knows about it, perhaps even put it in a safe deposit box. Lindsay also says if you have a will put your social networking wishes in writing.

There are even companies that now plan your digital estate. Some are calling it an online afterlife.