Disturbing Teen Trend: Vodka Tampons

Disturbing Teen Trend: Vodka Tampons

By Liz Dorland. CREATED Feb 6, 2012

Omaha, NE -- When Action 3 News discovered an innovative way teens are getting drunk, our jaws dropped. Even more stunning, all they have to do is look right in your own bathroom.   Action 3 News' Liz Dorland investigates.

First, we heard about teens shooting vodka through their eyeballs which is truly disgusting, but this new way doesn't involve the face at all.  What is it with teens finding strange ways to get liquored up?  Liz Dorland hit the streets of Omaha asking people if they've heard about vodka tampons.

"That's pretty nasty," said Univeristy of Nebraska-Omaha student Cameron Lewis.

Fellow student 18-year old Jackie Brazda said, "I was in school someone was talking about it, like that people actually do that."

Yep, they sure do. Type "Teens Getting Drunk" in Google and there it is several pages, even pictures about teens using tampons to get drunk and they aren't exactly using their mouths.  Girls and guys are shoving tampons up there.

"Wait guys," shouted Ted Kirkpatrick.  He admitted, "I've heard that you can get drunk really fast like that."

Even our radio friends, Todd and Tyler from Z-92 are chatting it up on the air waves. 

Todd: "What I love the best is by the way you can buy tampons and vodka at the same store wouldn't that be great just to walk out with those two."

Methodist Emergency Room Doctor Gary Gustafson warned,  "If your sons are buying tampons be concerned of what they're doing."

Dr. Gustafson explained the trend it may sound funny but it's extremely dangerous.  "It's absorbed through the mucus membranes they can conceal it from people, it's rapid onset," said Dr. Gustafson.

A single tampon hold can hold about one ounce of liquid, that's about one shot of booze. The main problem is not the amount in the tampon, but how it's going into your kids body.  Guys are inserting them rectally. Dr. Gustafson said trend is risky because you won't throw up when you've had enough.  "They can reach very high blood levels very quickly which can be extremely dangerous," Dr. Gustafson stated.

Suzie Dugan with PRIDE Omaha is aware of the disturbing trend.  "Kids are boundless as far as being pretty daring," said Dugan.

Dugan urges parents to talk to their teen about the dangers of booze.  "Alcohol is a huge part in our kids lives and it goes unchecked if none of us do anything to stop it. it's very very dangerous," Dugan stressed.

Talking tampons is uncomfortable for parents. Even our ER doctor/father took it on with his daughter.  Dr. Gustafson said when his daughter mentioned it to him Dr. Gustafson said, "Putting things up your rectum is not appropriate."

The temptation to get drunk fast is leading kids now leading teens from doing eyeball shots of booze to inserting vodka soaked tampons.

A common misconception is just because you put the alcohol there doesn't mean it won't show-up on a breathalyzer.  Omaha Police Officer Jake Bettin said, "Regardless of the way a person intake an alcohol or a drug, there's always indications that a person is under the influence."

Doctor Gustafson added, no matter how you get drunk all alcohol can be detected on your breath.

Reported By: Liz Dorland, ldorland@action3news.com