Female Student Claims Principal Pulled Down Her Pants In School Hallway

Female Student Claims Principal Pulled Down Her Pants In School Hallway

By Sarah Te Slaa. CREATED Jan 24, 2012

Mondamin, IA-  A West Harrison High School freshman tells KMTV Action 3 News she can't believe what happened to her Friday night.

"I was just standing there and he just pulls down my pants," says the girl who does not wish to be identified. 

The 15 year-old says the man who pulled down her pants is her high school principal and basketball coach, Mike Loftin.

She says she was left standing in her underwear in the school's hallway on Friday night before a basketball game.

"I was really shocked and really embarrassed and my eyes started watering and I just sat on the ground," says the girl.

She claims other students witnessed the alleged incident and she believes a school security camera captured it.

"The other principal called me and said he watched it and he said that it was pretty horrible," says the girl.

KMTV Action 3 News went to the school in Mondamin, Iowa to get Loftin's side of the story.  Several staff members told KMTV Action 3 News there wasn't anyone in the school to talk about the alleged incident.

The girl says there's even more to the story.  She says the coach insisted on driving her home that night.

"After he pulled my pants down, he had to take me home that night and he was bribing me with candy and asking me if I wanted candy to make it up for what he did," says the girl.

"There is no rhyme or reason for it," says the girl's mother.  "It's inexcusable.  As a faculty person he shouldn't put his hands on anybody."

A source tells KMTV Action 3 News, administrators have placed Loftin on leave while an investigation takes place.

The girl's mom is outraged.

"I don't want to see that happen to her or any other young girl," says the girl's mother.  "It's wrong.  Completely wrong."

The superintendent of West Harrison Community Schools, Joel Foster, tells KMTV Action 3 News he cannot comment on the incident because it's a personnel issue.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department is now looking into the alleged incident.