"Christmas in the Village" Brings Arts & Entertainment to North Omaha

"Christmas in the Village" Brings Arts & Entertainment to North Omaha

By Kandiss Crone. CREATED Dec 10, 2011



Omaha, NE - Snuggled under blankets, families enjoy carriage rides down 24th and Lake streets while Christmas carolers usher in the holiday spirit with their voices. "Christmas in the Village" is just a small example of what's to come to the north Omaha neighborhood.

"This will be an arts and cultural entertainment district and what better way to do that then to bring businesses, gospel artists, jazz artists, and all the flavor of north Omaha in one location where people can taste, see, feel what it's all about," Willie Barney said.

The Empowerment Network and community leaders have teamed up with the city of Omaha to revitalize the neighborhood and re-establish it as the arts and entertainment center it was decades ago.

"I grew up in the 1960's down here when it was vibrant and I know the potential that it has and I'm glad to see that people care enough to bring that back," Lee Avant said.

Lee Avant is one of many festival-goers excited to see new businesses, restaurants, and other attractions return to the neighborhood. Residents say the revitalization project will help the younger generation appreciate the city's rich history and give them something to look forward to in the future.

"If we can bring back that history maybe they can understand why it's important to build this neighborhood," Darlene Brown said.