Man Killed on Interstate While Picking-Up A Chair

Man Killed on Interstate While Picking-Up A Chair

By Liz Dorland. CREATED Sep 19, 2011

Omaha, NE -- Omaha Police are trying to determine what led to a tragic accident that killed a man who was simply trying to protect others.  The accident happened at 7:45 Sunday night just south of I-480 and Martha Street.  39 year-old Brian McConeghey was struck by a van while he tried to pick up a chair that fell out of his pick-up truck.

Standing in the drive way of their home, Brian McConeghey's fiancee Janice Spracklin remembers the man she loved.  She and Brian dated for about eight months and recently were engaged, but she says they had yet to set a date.  With tears in her eyes Janice shares a picture of McConeghey wearing a clown wig and a large smile; it was taken just last weekend during a family vacation.   Janice says McConeghey was a loving and devoted father who was always helping others.   Sadly, it's that reason he tragically died on Interstate-480 near the Martha Street exit.  "If you believe like I do like at one point in time everyone comes across an angel, Brian was every ones angel," says Janice's sister Vicki Koch. 

Spracklin they were on their way home with a new dining room table and chairs when a chair fell out. Spracklin urged him to leave it but McConeghey worried someone else may hit it and be injured, so he pulled off the interstate to go get it.  "He's smart enough not to run out there if there's any traffic that he could see or hear," explains Koch.

"He looked at her and said 'I'll be right back. 'I love you.' and she said 'I love you too.' and he didn't come back," says Koch while sobbing.

The driver of a white mini van, 50 year-old Dorothy Lytle hit McConeghey.  Spracklin says she didn't hear the terrible accident, only saw the parked van on the side of the road.  She says when she got to McConeghey he wasn't breathing. Paramedics rushed him to the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he later died.   Lytle was not ticketed for the accident.   Police are waiting for blood tests to see if either driver had been drinking.

Reported By: Liz Dorland,