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Police Chief Starts Firing Process For Two Police Officers

Police Chief Starts Firing Process For Two Police Officers

By Erika Summers. CREATED Sep 14, 2011

Omaha, NE - Violent video of an arrest in the parking lot outside Creighton University Medical Center.  Police officers held Robert Wagner down while another repeatedly kicked him with her foot.

Now KMTV Action 3 News confirms the Chief of Police is taking action to fire two of the officers involved in the arrest.  The Chief's action comes after the public was furious with what they saw in the video.

Our sources confirm the police officers are Officer Jackie Dolinsky and Officer Aaron Pennington.  "The department director would send a letter to the employee recommending they be terminated. That letter would describe facts around termination, what work rules are violated, etc," said Assistant City Attorney Bernard in den Bosch.

Assistant City Attorney Bernard in den Bosch legally can't talk about the case but he does confirm two officers have a hearing scheduled with the Human Relations Director early next week.  "I believe that's accurate," said in den Bosch.

The Omaha Chief of Police will hear the HR Director's recommendations and then make the final decision to fire them, discipline them, or do nothing.  Wagner's attorney tells KMTV Action 3 News he's satisfied with how the Chief is handling this.  "I think the Police Chief should have a public commendation for this. He acted so expeditiously and put to rest all these complaints and rumors that the police department protects its own," said Robert Wagner's Attorney Bill Gallup.

If the officers are fired, they have the opportunity to appeal.

KMTV Action 3 News briefly spoke with Robert Wagner Wednesday, who says he doesn't like hearing when anyone loses their job but he does want people to be treated fairly.