Good Samaritan Calls Cops, Busts Alleged Repeat Drunk Driver

Good Samaritan Calls Cops, Busts Alleged Repeat Drunk Driver

By Erika Summers. CREATED Aug 12, 2011


Omaha, NE - In our drunk driving dilemma coverage, investigators call it another case of a repeat offender. A woman faces charges after a witness takes action and calls the police. Police say they busted the woman at a daycare.

Arrested for driving drunk for her fourth time, Nyamuoch Chuol sits behind bars after a witness claims she watched the woman nearly crash many times. "I was shocked. I've never seen somebody drive that badly," said witness Lisa Fitch.

Chuol pleaded no contest to her third DUI arrest back in February and is waiting to be sentenced for that next week. Witness, Lisa Fitch says she was driving two children to go get ice cream when Chuol almost smashed into her. Fitch called 911. "She was swerving all over the road. I mean, it was scary being behind her," said Fitch.

Fitch says she watched as Chuol forced other drivers off the road. "She ran almost every light from 42nd and Pacific to 42nd and Vinton," said Fitch.

The witness says Chuol pulled into a daycare parking lot and walked inside. That's when police arrive on scene and arrest her for driving under the influence. "When the cop opened the door for me to identify her, you could smell the alcohol, that's how intoxicated she was," said Fitch.

Police say the suspect was more than three times over the legal limit. The daycare says she dropped off an application there to work. As for the good samaritan, she's thankful things didn't end any worse. "I'm glad we took action because of that, she could have killed herself or somebody else," said Fitch.

KMTV Action 3 News spoke with family of Chuol who wouldn't go on camera but say they don't believe she drinks very often.