Underwood Hills, Now Wilson, Set To Start School On Monday

Underwood Hills, Now Wilson, Set To Start School On Monday

By Sarah Te Slaa. CREATED Jul 28, 2011

Omaha, NE-  Parents and students gather in the parking lot at Wilson Focus School.  As they eat hot dogs and listen to music, they are also getting their first peek into the new school.


"It's big," says Courtney Robinson.  She’s a student at Wilson.


“The classrooms are really nice and the gym is a good size," says sixth grader, Peyton Klch.


"I love it,” says parent Yolanda Robinson.  “It's huge.  I know previously the gym slash cafeteria probably fit two of these.  There’s room for them to play and experience new things."


Teachers are unpacking, workers have to finish painting, and the bookshelves in the library still need books.  It's crunch time because school starts Monday. 


"We'll be working probably the weekend to get ready and doing some last minute things here," says principal Bret Anderson.


Wilson Focus School almost never happened.  Last school year, Underwood Hills Focus School lost its funding.  Parents, teachers, students, and staff lobbied to keep the school open.  The Sherwood Foundation stepped in to save the school.  Now it's in a different building with a new name.


"I think it's going to be real special since they know that we almost lost some of the things that we have so far and now it's going to continue," says Anderson.


The new location at 51st and F also comes with a new playground, bigger gym and cafeteria, more classrooms, and room to grow.


"It's almost like we are new and improved to be cliché,” says Anderson.


"I love everything about it, so it's like a dream school for me," says Klch.


Currently the school has enrolled 160 students.  Now with a bigger building, they hope to add more students.