Bomb Squad Investigates Suspicious Package at Midtown Building

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Bomb Squad Investigates Suspicious Package at Midtown Building

By Jackie Mora. CREATED Aug 1, 2013
Omaha, Ne- The Omaha Bomb Squad was on scene at a building checking out a suspicious package Thursday afternoon. 

At about 11:30 Thursday morning, police responded to the suspicious package at "The League of Human Dignity" at 55th & Center St.  The organization ensures social and economic equality for people with disabilities.  An employee saw a package with wires coming out of it in the breezeway. 

"It looked suspicious because it had wires coming out of it, no one from the business recognized it, had no idea how it was placed there or when it was placed there," said Sgt. Matt Manhart with the OPD Bomb Squad.  

A bomb squad technician suited up, and retrieved the suspicious package.  They couldn't x-ray it to find out what was inside because it was against the building.  Authorities couldn’t determine on scene if the package was dangerous so they took it away. 

"It was a little unusual, I wasn't really expecting a place that works on wheelchairs and handicapped things to have a bomb sitting at their front door," said Brad Madison, Owner of the Center Trophy Company which is next door. 

The bomb squad took it to an undisclosed location to examine what was inside, and countercharge it if it was an explosive. 

Early Thursday evening, the Omaha Police Department informed KMTV Action 3 News that the suspicious device was not explosive, but they would not reveal what was inside the package.