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Job seekers attend career fairs in hopes of standing out against ConAgra competition

After the announcement that ConAgra will be moving to Chicago and cutting 1,000 jobs in the process, job seekers in Omaha are wasting no time reaching out to companies looking to hire. Many say the hunt is already getting competitive as ConAgra employees face impending layoffs.

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14 animals trapped in Ponca Hills house fire

Ten dogs and four cats were inside the home. At least 13 of the animals died.

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City council hears passionate debate over abandoned property ordinance

Once a property is identified under the guidelines the owner would be identified and charged $500 every 3 months until it's restored. The money goes for maintenance and inspections typically done by the city.

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Texas executes inmate for killing man in $8 robbery

Garcia apologized for the death in Spanish ahead of the execution.

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