Mother, Sister of Murder Victim Call for Retaliation to End

Omaha - Tamara Riley is at a loss for answers after somebody gunned down her brother, 26-year-old Lamond Secret Jr. in the Quik Trip parking lot at 72nd and Military on Memorial Day.

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A few Omaha girls went to DQ and ran into Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban

It's not unusual for the Oracle of Omaha to have some famous friends visiting his hometown.

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Ricketts calls legislative session successful

The 2015 Legislative session was filled with some of the biggest issues lawmakers have ever tackled. Tax relief, immigration, and the death penalty just a few of the issues.

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Prince Shembo cut by Falcons; charged in death of ex-girlfriend's dog

Former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick served time in 2008 on sponsoring a dogfighting operation.

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