80-year-old headbutts bear, lives to tell tale

A black bear looks up from its pen at the Moon Bear Rescue Centre September 9, 2006 in Chengdu of Sichuan Province, China. Image by Getty Images

80-year-old headbutts bear, lives to tell tale

By Newser. CREATED Nov 1, 2013

As far as survival stories go, this one is pretty impressive: An 80-year-old Russian man encountered a bear in a raspberry field last week, and didn't exactly take it lying down.

Yusuf Alchagirov fed the bear a few kicks and headbutts, and also tried to stab it with a knife that the bear knocked out of his hands ... before chucking him -- off a cliff. Miraculously, he lived to tell the tale, suffering just four broken ribs and some bite wounds.

"I got off easy," he says, per the Guardian. "It would have killed me if I'd chickened out."

RIA Novosti reports that local officials don't plan to track down the bear because they suspect it was just playing with him.