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Two-year-old suspended from daycare because of cheese sandwich



Two-year-old suspended from daycare because of cheese sandwich

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 6, 2014

A two-year-old girl in Canada was kicked out of her daycare on Monday, all because of a cheese sandwich.

Faith Murray's daycare in Ottawa has a very strict policy about no outside food.

Faith's dad says he knew that his daughter had a cheese sandwich in a baggie in their car, but he had no idea that she still had it when they stepped foot inside of Centre de l'enfant aux 4 Vents.

The eagle eyes of one of Faith's teachers spotted the offending sandwich immediately and the next thing Randy Murray knew, he was being told to take his daughter home.

The daycare's director says that policy is for the protection of the students and teachers with allergies.

Any child bringing in outside food that does not contain peanuts is automatically suspended for three days. If a child brings in something with peanuts, they are expelled. No exceptions made.

Randy Murray says he is now thinking about removing both of his kids from the daycare.

What do you think? Was the punishment fair or too harsh?



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