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Is a Condominium Association Responsible for Combatting Rat Infestations?


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Is a Condominium Association Responsible for Combatting Rat Infestations?

By Gitzel Puente. CREATED Aug 8, 2013

 PALM SPRINGS - Wild rats scurrying in one condominium in Palm Springs has the homeowner frustrated.

"One morning early I got up and I saw several rats running around here from the barbecue grill to here and up the wall into the tiles," says Lance Bachis pointing to the roof tiles in his backyard at Sunrise Palms Condominiums.
Bachis has lived in the gated complex since 2005 and has never experienced any rodent problems until two months ago. He says he discovered rat droppings inside his attic, and he constantly hears squeaks coming from it. During the two months, Bachis has seen a total of 10 rats and has trapped four with the glue traps he installed in his backyard.
"I know rats are a common thing here with the fruit trees, but I don't have a single fruit-bearing tree in my yard. The only garden I have is right here in pots," shares Bachis. He doesn't understand why he has rats when he claims his backyard is neatly kept. 
A board member of the Homeowners Association at Sunrise Palms says that it is the homeowner's responsibility to get rid of the pests in his home. 
Under the CC&R's at the complex (Article X, Section 2B), it states that "the association shall not be responsible for the cleaning and ordinary maintenance, including the inspection and treatment of pests and organisms...within the individual units...but shall provide for the repair and maintenance of any portion of the common area." Furthermore, the common area is considered the perimeter of the homes only.
While Bachis feels it shouldn't be his responsibility to get rid of these rodents, the management company maintains that it tried to help Bachis with his situation by providing information on vector control and pest companies in the area.
Some tips on getting rid of rats, according to pest control experts, are getting rid of any rotten fruit or food in the backyard and putting your pet's food inside your home because this attracts rats. For more information, contact the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control: