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By Angela Monroe. CREATED Jan 15, 2014

 INDIO -- A lot more noise near the railroad tracks in Indio has some people wondering what all the commotion is about.

Several people in Coachella and Indio wrote in to tell us that they are hearing many more whistles and noises they believe are coming from the railroad tracks.
Nancy emailed to ask us about it saying, "Please look into why has there been such an increased amount of train whistles through the Indio area lately?
The whistle of a train is a sound we all know well, but some Indio residents like Arturo Torres says lately they've heard them a lot more than usual.
"Yes I have, particularly on the past month."
But Arturo believes the locomotives are making more noise because of construction on the railroad tracks.
"Everytime the freight train comes by, it's got blow their whistles real hard so the people who are working around there, they've got to move aside."
Indio city officials told us Union Pacific owns the tracks, and is doing construction on the them.
Arturo has lived in Indio for 30 years, and says even this increase in noise isn't the worst it's been.  
"It used to be worse because of the transition of the rails, right here they had a transition right here very close."
So now he says the rails are smoother, and the increased noise in the last month hasn't really bothered him.
"It doesn't really annoy me because I've been used to it, so it's better now than back those years," said Arturo.
Other residents in the area did tell us they've also been hearing a lot more noise, but that it seems to have died down after this past week.
Union Pacific officials told us it is very likely there are more whistles because the trains are passing construction on the side.
Conductors have to use their whistle anytime they pass by construction.