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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE: The Big Red Building Along the 10 Freeway in Cabazon


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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE: The Big Red Building Along the 10 Freeway in Cabazon

By David Reese. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

The KMIR newsroom received emails and phone calls asking us what that big red building is off I-10 in Cabazon. Nestled beneath the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains lies a mystery-- the mystery of the big red, well, something. "When you're driving by on the highway, you don't miss the big red house,” says first resident and owner Shelly Turner.

The house is seen by millions who drive through the desert every year. We now know it is, in fact, a house-- not a barn or vacant building. Turner says she lived in the big red house for a year back in 2007 and says she got plenty of questions. "People would knock on the door saying we saw your house from the freeway, what is this? Is it a hotel? Is it a Bed & Breakfast? Is it a brothel? That was probably the best question,” laughs Turner.

Shelly's mother Candace Humphries, along with Shelly’s grandfather built the home from the ground up. "He did a lot of the work and hired a lot of the local residents to do the work,” says Humphries.

They also chose the location sighting the beautiful backdrop and the relaxing solitary atmosphere. Shelly moved out after a year even though she works in Palm Desert because her family lives in Yucaipa and her two small kids go to school there. "The views here are amazing. There aren't any neighbors which is really nice and it's just a beautiful location, just a beautiful house,” says Turner.

Many wonder why such a flamboyant red was chosen for the house. Shelly, her grandfather was a contractor and also a minister. His favorite color was red. A red you can't miss no matter how hard you try. "Everything my grandpa has ever done, red has summed it up; his red Cadillac, his red Bible, his red suit,” says Turner.

Shelly and her family live in Yucaipa still but they make the drive often into the desert and each time they drive by the big red house-- a house they once called a home, they can't help but reminisce. "I drive from Yucaipa to Palm Springs and I constantly see the house and I think about it and it gives me good memories,” says Humphries.

The house has since been sold to another couple.