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Two Men Killed in Two Separate Shootings


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Two Men Killed in Two Separate Shootings

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Jan 29, 2014

 Desert Hot Springs police tell us the two shootings are not related. 

Two 19-year-old men were killed just 14 hours apart and several blocks away, leaving many residents feeling uneasy about the death and violence in the city.
"Heard sirens, and went around the corner and there was a young man."
Regina Robinson's salon is just steps away from where the second shooting happened.
She saw paramedics trying to save the 19-year-old gunshot victim.  
"It's really shocking and it is scary, it really is," said Robinson.
Jonathan Smith arrived home to see his street blocked off.
"It was scary, it was really scary that I had to see that."
For many people it is scary that two shootings happened in two days just blocks apart.
"One across the other way, and one over here, it's bad, so I'm trying to get out of here," said Smith.
A 19-year-old man died on Desert View Avenue on Monday.
Then less than 14 hours later, an officer heard gunfire just blocks away on Buena Vista Avenue.
"He heard shots fired, went, thinks he might have seen the suspects briefly, set up a perimeter," said Detective Jim Henson.
Desert Hot springs Police say the deaths are not related.
We asked if there was any gang involvement.
"As far as the victims we're not releasing much information as far as any gang relation to the crime, we're still looking at all that," said Detective Henson.
The violence has put people on edge.
"I know I don't go out at night here, I don't feel safe," said Desert Hot Springs resident, Marie Young-Waldorf.
Regina believes detectives will solve these murders.
"They're on point and they're really looking to find out who did this to these two young men," said Robinson.
The Desert Hot Springs Police Department is looking for the public's help.
If you know anything about either shooting you are encouraged to call them or Crimestoppers.