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Tram Challenge Runners Say Race is No Easy Task

Tram Challenge Runners Say Race is No Easy Task

By Matt Vanderveer. CREATED Oct 26, 2013

PALM SPRINGS - It was a 7 a.m. curtain call for the Palm Springs Tram Road Challenge Saturday morning. Many trained for the 6K run up the mountain but still realized, this race wouldn’t be a cake walk. "It's always a challenge. It never gets easier,” says Cathedral City resident Haley Wilson.

"It was mind over matter. I finished,” says Redlands resident Vera White.

Others keep it simple as to why they ran up the hill. "I came for the health of it; to stay healthy and keep fit,” says San Diego resident Stan Schiver.

Whatever reason you ran, organizers say the turn-out was larger than last year. Proceeds benefit United Way of the Desert. "I am absolutely in awe of this city and of our valley; I just cannot believe it,” says organizer of the race Lynne Stephenson.

More than 1,700 people hit the pavement including our very own Gloria Rodriguez, Thalia Hayden and Manny the Movie Guy along with his mother. "The oldest person I saw come over the line was 91 years old and the youngest was three. I saw very many people pushing themselves almost to the point of feeling ill when they got to the finish line but they made it,” says Stephenson.

This challenge is different in that when racers think it’s over, they’re thrown one last hurdle. "You go up the road and you see the welcome sign and think, yah, I’ve made it but you actually have another 1K to go and it's the hardest. It's an 18% incline,” says Stephenson.

It's a good thing breakfast was provided over at Desert Regional. Folks were bussed in after the challenge and given water, burritos and other goodies. After all was said and done, runners say it's still no easy feat. "It's something you have to prepare for and you still never know how well you're going to do but when you see the end you're very happy,” says Beaumont resident Lola Ackermin.

They add no matter what, don't give up. "You'll get nervous but once you start running and see everybody else running, or walking, it will give you motivation to go on,” says White.

"It's a blast. It's fun. It's challenging and I’m happy to be here,” says Wilson.

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