Some Ditch Turkey; Shop Early on 'Grey Thursday'


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Some Ditch Turkey; Shop Early on 'Grey Thursday'

By Matt Vanderveer. CREATED Nov 28, 2013

PALM DESERT - It's 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. While many families are enjoying turkey and stuffing, others have their eyes set on something else. "I’m waiting in line to get two Kindle Fires for our kids,” says shopper Lori Daybell.

"I want an iPod Touch. Hopefully, I can get a good deal on it,” says Palm Desert resident Liane Yoss.

Daybell even convinced her dad to have Thanksgiving dinner early because of the great deals. "He said, 'Really for $40 you want to change Thanksgiving?' and I said, it’s times two-- for $200, I’ll wait in line for a couple hours. We still get to have turkey. It was great,” says Daybell.

Although, still willing to wait in line, some people say Black Friday mania is starting earlier and earlier every year. "It's amazing, Black Friday-- now they're talking about Grey Thursday. It's getting a little ridiculous I think,” says shopper Gail Durocher.

"I have shopped Black Friday before and when I did it, there was no shopping on Thursday’s so this is a new experience for me,” says shopper Heather Guy. She says corporations are simply listening to the consumer. "The demand is there obviously. I mean when you look over there and see the line,” says Guy.

The line outside Best Buy in Palm Desert wasn’t the only line either. The Best Buy in La Quinta was wrapped around the store. Also, a line formed outside Old Navy and Target in Palm Desert. "They have all the deals on all the technology so we thought it would be fun to spend our Thanksgiving here,” says Yoss.

Today might be more about the great savings instead of turkey and gravy for some. "Christmas will be our next big celebration,” says Guy.

For others, they say if the shoppers holiday gets any earlier, they're done. "I will not come because I’m not willing to give up my holiday for it,” says Daybell. “I'm willing to tweak my holiday but I’m not willing to completely give it up for Black Friday deals.”