Pride Kicks Off with Powerful Message: "It's Time"

Pride Kicks Off with Powerful Message: "It's Time"

By Matt Vanderveer. CREATED Nov 2, 2013

PALM SPRINGS - For Palm Springs pride-goers, the definition of pride meant something different to all but kept the same interweaving meaning-- equality. "For me, pride means being out, being whoever you are and being proud and happy about it,” says attendee Kelly Hart.

"It's just an opportunity for all people involved in different sexualities to come and be whoever you are whatever that is,” says attendee Scott Farrell.

"It's a celebration of equality and just expressing who you are as a community,” says pride-goer Steve Pringle.

The theme for this years Palm Springs Pride weekend is 'It's Time'. Event organizer Ron DeHarte explains why this years theme was chosen. "We selected that theme back in February and had no idea which direction the Supreme Court was going to go but it was ‘it's time’ for the right decision and that right decision was what the Supreme Court made,” says DeHarte.

The weekends pride festivities are meant to be family friendly. Some people say they've been to several pride events across the Unites States and notice more and more families and kids every year. "I have friends who are also gay and have kids and I find it makes their children more open. Their children are more than accepted, not ostracized in school and I think it's a bold step,” says pride-goer Bruce Maki.

Over at Saguaro Hotel, OUT magazine held a kick off pride party too. Spoksperson for the magazine Stephen Murray says the LGBT community shouldn’t stop still same sex marriage is legal in all states. "That's our challenge-- continuing to stay mobilized. I think we've had a great victory this year but it's about continuing that and really making sure that all 50 states see full marriage equality,” says Murray.

Something these pride-goers certainly agree with. "Even though a lot of people say it's just a paper, it really has a lot more weight than that. It really acknowledges that love is love,” says Hart.

"A lot of the friends I have in San Francisco have been waiting for this moment for years and years and years and can legally now become married and have the same rights,” says Farrell. "It's a joyous wonderful thing for our community at large, really beautiful."

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