Police Say Three Dead in Palm Springs Murder-Suicide


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Police Say Three Dead in Palm Springs Murder-Suicide

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Mar 14, 2014

PALM SPRINGS -- Three people were found shot and killed  in a gated community in Palm Springs.

Police are saying they believe this is a murder suicide.
At about nine Thursday night, they came here to Sunflower Lane to the report of shots fired, and found three people dead inside including a child.
People are still in shock after a young girl, a woman and a man were found dead in a home in Palm Springs.  
"I just found out yesterday from the neighbors that he always had a gun on him," said neighbor Joey Gutierrez.
Neighbors told us a mother and daughter lived at that home, and that the woman's boyfriend moved in just a couple weeks ago.
"He gives everyone the eerie feeling, when you walk around he just drives around and looks at people all day, he hits the pool man's truck last week, and tried to take off, and since he moved in here I've just felt sorry for this lady," said Gutierrez.
Palm Springs Police say they believe this to be a murder suicide.
We asked if they think the shooter was the 47-year-old man.
"At this point in the investigation that is the best that we have right now, again it is still active, so things could change, but we do believe that the shooter was one of the decedents," said Sgt. Paul Abshire with the Palm Springs Police Department.
Police say there were multiple guns in the home, and the hazardous device team was called to the scene.
"To conduct a safety search of the property, due to military items were observed inside of the residence throughout the investigation," said Deputy Armando Munoz with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.
Neighbors told us the the mother and daughter had lived there for years.
"I just can't even digest that yet because her daughter was just beautiful, and smart and pretty," said neighbor, Judy Andersen.
Neighbors told us it was at nine Thursday night they heard a gunshot, and then they heard a scream, and then about eight more gunshots.
"Unfortunately damaged people damage other people...I'm sad, I'm trying not to cry, but it's difficult," said neighbor, Lars Roest.
Neighbors also say the man crashed his car into another vehicle in the gated community a couple of weeks ago, and they say they suspect he was on drugs.
We asked Palm Springs Police about this and a sergeant said he was not familiar with that call, but that police had responded to other calls at that home.