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Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage Travels 30 Miles


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Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage Travels 30 Miles

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Dec 12, 2013

 Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast is an important annual celebration to many Catholics.

Here in the valley, pilgrimage starts in Palm Springs before dawn, and ends in Coachella after dusk.
That's a 30 mile trek, and Thursday the weather was actually welcomed by the many people walking.
It's an exciting but arduous trek.
Thousands of people make the pilgrimage, walking together mile after mile.
"It's been hot, cold everything, tiring, everything you can think of, it's a marathon," said Indio resident, Estevan Garcia.
From rain to even hail in Palm Springs and Cathedral City, thousands of walkers had to deal with the weather.
"I was in the hail actually, it was hitting me, it was random," said Garcia.
"Well it's really good, but I'm from Denver, Denver we get a lot of hail, but it's nice to see it here in the valley," said Coachella resident, Joann Silva.
Some felt the weather was yet another blessing on this religious walk.
"It was nice, for a few minutes, but everyone was cheering, laughing, screaming, it was a sign from our Mother," said Desert Hot Springs resident, Jesus Segura.
Every year thousands participate, and this year the group stretched half a mile long.
It was Coachella resident Arlene Garcia's first year walking the Virgin of Guadalupe Pilgrimage.
"The Virgin is very important in our religion, so I think to show that we believe in Jesus and God and Virgin Mary, I think that's very important for us to celebrate that," said Arlene.
Many pilgrims dedicate their walk to a person.
"Doing it for one of my nephews that are kind of sick, and everybody that cannot walk," said Silva.
Desert Hot Springs resident, Claudia Mendez, says the walk brings her many blessings.
"We do it because there's a lot of miracles that blessed Virgin Mary has sent to us all year," said Mendez.
It was a day filled with promise as the procession journeyed the many miles through rain, hail and sun.