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Marx Brothers Centennial Celebration


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Marx Brothers Centennial Celebration

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Mar 23, 2014

RANCHO MIRAGE -- This weekend the Rancho Mirage Public Library is having a centennial celebration for the Marx brothers. 

It was absolutely packed house Saturday night with standing room only. 
We caught up with the director of the Rancho Mirage Library and he talked about just how special this weekend is. 
"We've been waiting a hundred years for this. The Marx Brothers first performed publicly as The Marx Brothers in May of nineteen fourteen. And, here we are in March twenty fourteen. Why March? We have more people here in March. Bigger crowd. And, what we have here is a packed auditorium of people somewhat senior who just remember so fondly of how great The Marx Brothers were. And, we are featuring Bill Marx as our moderator, our explainer, our commentator, and as the son of Harpo and Susan Marx, he knows Rancho Mirage, and he knows comedy, and he knows music, and he knows the brothers. He grew up with them. So, we're proud of our city tonight, and we really love the Marx Brothers," said David Bryant, Rancho Mirage Library Director.
Planning for the centennial celebration began two years ago, and Bryant said it was necessary to make they got it right. 
"Well it took a long time to put this together. We really needed to find the right clips. Bill Marx had many of, and also some film archives. We really put together a great show that's made up of clips, home movies, and a lot of TV stuff that hasn't been seen in probably 50 to 60 years," said Bryant. 
With all the preparation, David says the reaction from the crowd made it all worth it. 
"The crowd that is in that room is electric and the place is packed. So, there's a lot of energy. They love their library, they love their Bill Marx, they love their Marx Brothers history in Rancho Mirage, so it's a great evening for us." "Gentlemen, Chicolini here may talk like an idiot, and look like an idiot, but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot," said Bryant. 
There was another show Sunday at 2PM.