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TIME WARNER CABLE CUSTOMERS: Are You Getting All Your Channels?


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TIME WARNER CABLE CUSTOMERS: Are You Getting All Your Channels?

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Oct 17, 2013

Beginning Tuesday, October 29th, a number of local broadcast channels and popular cable channels are now digital-only on Time Warner Cable.  These include KPSE, MyNetwork Channel 20 and MeTV Channel 14. 

Also affected are:
* The History Channel Ch. 42 
*Lifetime Ch. 46
*Animal Planet Ch. 49
*NBC Sports Network Ch. 34
*TLC Ch. 41
*CNBC Ch. 49
* E! Ch. 57
* HSN Ch. 18
*Ch. 4 San Diego Ch. 27
*Local public, educational and governmental channels

This applies only to Time Warner Cable customers who do not have a DVR or any type of digital converter; Basically, if you're cable wire comes out of the wall and plugs directly into your TV.

This is all part of Time Warner Cable's transition to digital.  To make sure you're receiving all the channels you're paying for, Time Warner Customers need to be sure they have a digital converter box.  You can get one by calling Time Warner toll-free at 855-286-1736 or online at




TV is changing here in the Coachella Valley, as Time Warner Cable is moving towards a digital-only experience.

While you'll still get channels like KMIR, if you don't get a digital adapter for each TV you will be losing many popular channels later this month.
Any TV that does not have a digital box will need an adapter.
Cable TV is entering a new digital age; if you don't make a couple changes, you'll lose some of your channels. 
The president and general manager of KRET "ME-TV," James Primm, explains why Time Warner Cable is making the switch.
"Well you're going to get a lot more channels now, you're going to get better internet, faster internet. It's all about the digital future, so it's where its going, we've got to make way for the freeway and that's what it's about," said Primm.
If you don't go digital, "starting October 29th, they are going to lose ME-TV and a bunch of other channels," said Primm.
Those other channels include Lifetime, History, Animal Planet, TLC and CNBC, and they've already lost KPSE channel 20 "MY-TV."
"People are looking for channel 20 right now, and its being promoted and MY-TV is there it's on channel 20, but you have to have a digital box to get it," said Primm.
So even if you have a cable box in another room, if one of your TV's in the house is hooked up with the cable cord going directly from the wall to the TV, you won't be getting some channels come October 30th.
If a TV has a digital box, you're okay.
TVs without one will need an adapter.
Time Warner will be giving customers up to four free digital adapters.
"It really isn't as tough as it sounds, you basically make a phone call and Time Warner will either mail you the box or you can go pick it up," said Primm.
In that box you'll find a set of directions, the digital adapter, cable cord, remote and a power supply plug-in. 
So here's how you set it up if you want to save the money of a technician trip to your home.
"If you're not a technical whiz, if you consider yourself a technical dummy, you can still do this, it will be something you can be proud of, you can call the kids and say hey, I did it myself, I wired the brand new era of television in the bedroom by myself," said KRET station manager, Chip Murdock.
First, grab the digital adapter.
"You need to put one wire into this box, and we need to take one wire out of this box, it's just that simple. The cable coming out of the wall, it needs to go in where it says cable in," said Murdock.
After that, "The output of the cable box that needs to go into the TV, you put it under the part that screws in on the television set and voila, that part is done. The only thing left to do is plug in the cable box and that's real simple, just got a little adaptor here, plug it into the hole, put into the wall," said Murdock.
Three wires later and you have your digital channels back, after one phone call to Time Warner to activate the adapters.
"Well, that's it, it is wired, you only need three wires, into the box, and out of the box," said Murdock.
Pretty simple, and if you don't grab that free digital adaptor you'll lose some of your favorite channels.
"They're going to be roadkill on the information superhighway, they need to get this adaptor, they'll keep on getting ME-TV and they're going to add MY-TV and all kinds of channels they didn't even know were there. So it's really worth it," said Primm.
So as TV changes in the Coachella Valley, it's worth it to make a call and do a simple installation to receive all the channels you're already paying for.
To get these new digital adapters, call Time Warner Cable for your free digital adaptor at 1-855-286-1736 or go online at