Group to Meet with CVHS School Officials Over Arab Mascot


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Group to Meet with CVHS School Officials Over Arab Mascot

By Gitzel Puente. CREATED Nov 20, 2013

THERMAL - The Coachella Valley Unified School District is considering a compromise to keep Coachella Valley High School's Arab mascot, but possibly changing its image. 

That's up for debate according to the director of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), who submitted a letter to the superintendent asking to change the mascot's name on November 4. The committee deemed it as offensive with its hooked-nose and snarling face.
Tuesday, the district's superintendent seemed in high spirits about the support he says he's received from the community despite all the national attention the school has received.
"I would say it's running 8 to 2, you know you should keep the mascot's name, and i understand that sentiment, but as I said before, if there's one person offended then we are going to listen and we're willing to compromise," said Superintendent Daryl Adams.
Before any action is taken, the superintendent said the district is creating a group to evaluate the mascot and its history to see what options are available to keep the peace and not disrespect any culture and ethnicity. Among this group will be the school's principal, the alumni president, the school's student class senior and a member of the Arab-American community in the Valley.
"We hope to set a target to recommend to the superintendent to recommend to the board before the Christmas holidays," said Superintendent Adams.
If the district decides to change the image, Superintendent Adams said the costs to change all the logos and the murals associated with the "Arabs" would be covered by the ADC.
"They've been very gracious to point out the fact that if there are changes made they're willing to finance those changes. We're not there yet, but it's good to know that they're willing to do that," said Superintendent Adams.
On that point, there seems to be some kind of miscommunication. The ADC director, Abed Ayoud told KMIR's sister station in Los Angeles that their non-profit doesn't intend to do that but would help in any fundraising if that arises.
Ayoud is expected to meet with school officials this week to discuss the mascot.